Recruit English Native Tester for New App ‘Zetty’ (part-time job, 1.5 hour)

Job Description

What is this job?

Honest feedback about our app
Fix the wrong/inappropriate expression in app

Candidate Requirements:

Under 29 years of age
Who are talking with friends through WhatsApp messenger.
Nationality in the english native countries (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc)
Or have been studied abroad in those coutries more than 10 years
Who can visit our office at Seungsu-Dong(성수동), which is closed to Hanyang Univ (한양대) for offline feedback.


ASAP, please let us know when you are available.
It will takes about 1.5 hours for testing and feedback
This position will be closed before Jan 13.


After the feedback is finished, we will give 50,000₩ in cash
Able to work without a visa.


As it’s a WhatsApp chat analysis service, we need your WhatsApp conversation history with your friends. You should agree to submit WhatsApp conversation in the process of app usage. x
We will securely handle your conversation data based on our privacy policy (
We will notice you through mobile SMS when you accepted to this position.


Please submit the form here (


Please feel free to ask any question through email! →

Zetty App Introduction

“Does my crush like me back?”
Zetty is an app that can analyze relationship status and guide users toward better relationships and friendships. We utilize the data from WhatsApp conversations between the two through AI technology that calculates possibility rates and detailed results in pictures and guides that users can easily view and understand.
*Zetty is only compatible with Whatsapp
Have you ever wondered if the person you are into likes you back? Test out how much the two of you are into each other with our ‘Love Test’! With our AI technology, Zetty will calculate the possible rates between the two of you with your actual WhatsApp conversations to see if you are made for each other or if it’s just a crush.
Have you ever thought about how your friendship is developing? Perhaps you never quite thought deeply about your friendship even though you spend a lot of time with them. Then, why not take this opportunity to reflect on your friendship with your friends? Zetty will analyze your WhatsApp conversations and show you fun details like the number of hours you spent chatting, each other’s most used emojis, and more!